Nº 2021 | PISO 2

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Who are we? THE PARTNER IN CRIME for men who are mad for life. A universe for men. Scalpers delivers strong and uncompromising style; giving men access to everything that makes them successful and unique. A world of trends and experience, an attitude. Conceived with the idea of liberating men from the traditional sober sense of style, Scalpers delivers iconic, seasonal collections that make them feel unique. The Native Americans who cut scalps in order to reclaim their freedom were known as Scalpers. This is the spirit of rebellion and the brand identity that our logo, our signature skull and bones, represents. “Let the show begin” recreates that moment when a man looks into the mirror, buttons up his shirt and feels he has all the tools he needs to succeed at everything in life. That’s the moment when he says to himself: LET THE SHOW BEGIN. The company was founded in Seville in 2007 and took the world of men’s fashion in Spain. Our international expansion began in

2013 and today there are 130 Scalpers stores all over the world. We have developed a strong presence in Latin America with stores in Mexico and Chile. Our expansion plan in Europe has begun with France, UK, Portugal, Holland and Belgium. We have recently opened new stores in Jordan and Qatar.